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* Who Is Comlink?

Comlink is a Total Solutions Provider for both residential and commercial customers. We are one of the most competitive and innovative Integrated Solutions Provider in the industry today. We are contracted with most major Telecom carriers in the country, We assist in designing solutions to help you minimize expenses, we are the single source for every customer and retailer’s telecom needs. Our goal is two-fold- to find the best solution for customers using our unbiased Telecom analysis, and to provide the retailer the “gold standard” in telecom Customer Resource Management, with our new platform called Sales Link.

* What Is Sales Link?

  • The Sales Link platform is the ONLY open-source CRM built specifically for residential and commercial Telecom dealers & sales representatives. 

  • Sales Link has a user-friendly interface that is quick and easy to use, with simple navigation tools that any dealer can follow. It also includes a customer qualification tool that helps streamline the process

  • The Sales Link dashboard provides a snapshot of your business. This includes the year to date, monthly and weekly sales totals and percentages, as well as charge-back totals and percentages, with eye-catching bar graphs broken down by the carrier.

  • Sales Link provides an amazing qualification tool that allows dealers to identify which telecom carriers are available. The dealers simply enter a zip code for an instant list of available carriers.         

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