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Comlink is a Total Solutions Provider for both residential and commercial customers.  We are one of the most competitive and innovative Integrated Solutions Provider in the industry today.  Because we are contracted with every major Telecom carrier in the country, we are in the position to offer a well-rounded and robust telecommunications portfolio in the nation.  Designing internet, voice and television solutions to minimize expenses, we are the single source for every customer and retailer’s Telecom needs. Our goal is two-fold; to find the best solution for customers using our unbiased Telecom analysis, and to provide the retailer the “gold standard” in telecom Customer Resource Management, with our customized Sales Link platform.

  • Comlink is a Fort Myers, Florida based company established in 2015, whose mission is to enable internal agents and our telecom partners which includes call centers and telecom agents across to globe to utilize our platform for providing the best and most unbiased solution for their residential and commercial customers.

  • Comlink continues to grow our business model which includes a strong focus on working with commercial customers with a complete disaster recovery solution, including Internet infrastructure and cloud based phone systems.

Our customized Sales Link platform is the only open-source CRM (Customer Resource Management) built specifically for residential and commercial telecom dealers.  Our dealers currently use this platform to enter orders with the various carriers we represent.   This platform is under development to be an independent CRM for other solutions providers to use as their CRM package, and is customizable to meet the current demands of today’s changing communications needs.  The future of the platform and its usage is enormous

Comlink Total Solutions management team is comprised of individuals with years of IT and Service related experience.

  • Matthew Santini, CEO has a unique perspective on B2B technology needs. Matt has over 20 years of telecom experience

  • Greg Santini, VP has a great deal of expertise dealing with disaster recovery solutions.

  • Melody Mcnulty, Senior Administrator 15 years of business management expertise.

  • Ivan Melendez, CFO 20 years of telecom experience
  • Gary Peacoc, Senior Account Manager 10 years of telecom experience

Company Summary: 

Founded in June of 2015, Comlink began developing the CRM software solution and obtaining agreements with Major communications provider within the first quarter of its existence.  Comlink Total Solutions is a privately held company incorporated in Florida, with main office located in Fort Myers, Florida.

The knowledge that in today’s world companies and individuals all depend on Internet and voice solutions as part of their everyday living necessities; Comlink saw this as an opportunity to provide solutions via an unbiased approach to representing multiple communications providers as a profitable business model.

With this model in mind we continued to develop our CRM software platform, and expand our model into the Business world providing a complete IT disaster recovery approach to technology needs.

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